Thursday, 27 October 2011

2nd Test: Diamonds vs Silver Ferns


Yesterday at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, to a rather full crowd the Australian Diamonds played the New Zealand Silver Ferns.

The Silver ferns won in Perth on Sunday, by one goal.

The broadcaster/announcer was as biased as the crowd and managed to mention Australia as being the World Championship winners and mention New Zealand came second. He also made the Constellation cup which is the test prize, sound like Consolation cup, every time he mentioned it. Speaking of biased crowd though, our seat were very close to the large pocket of Silver Ferns fans and it was just like being at the footy in a way.

Stan Walker in what appeared to be tights (yeech!) performed two songs live an I wish it had been delayed, maybe it was the venue but he did not sound good and really if he’d been quieter we could’ve ignored it.

The umpiring, well I like to be fair, it’s a hard job and not everyone can do it, some things look like they’re okay when they’re not and vice versa. However, most especially in the first half the umpiring was a bit dodgy— and it seemed to swing Silver Ferns way more often than not. But in the second half the dodginess was reduced and both sides copped it.

Speaking of dodgy the rings weren’t very secure and a decent jump (like the defender might make legitimately — or not so legitimately) would have them wobble as if deliberately knocked. Also in the last quarter with six minutes left as the Diamonds got momentum, New Zealand’s goal shooter called for an injury time — just as the Diamonds had the ball up their end and prepared to increase the lead. Now maybe it was innocent because the Latu did get her knees strapped, but I doubt it.

Natalie von Bertouch injured her ankle and didn’t play, so Catherine Cox filled in as the acting captain. The Diamonds won the toss and took the centre pass the Silver Ferns opted to shoot toward their interchange bench (not sure what end that is in terms of direction). Interestingly Irene van Dyk didn’t play for New Zealand.

The game was very tight in the first half, however after Geitz (GK-D) shut down Latu (GS-SF) the Diamonds were able to get ahead and the Diamonds levelled the series with a 7 goal win.

Cath Cox got the Holden MVP (Best on court).

The decider is on Sunday in Melbourne and should be good to watch 2:20pm local time (AEST) and will be on Ten and One at that time.

Also a delayed showing of this game will be on about lunch time on One.


Team 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr
Adelaide Diamonds 12 25 36 51
New Zealand Silver Ferns 14 26 36 44

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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Why Karen Hawkins is an evil genius

With the genius in red text.

In March of this year I went to a bookstore, as I am wont to do. I saw The Abduction of Julia, by Karen Hawkins. I will never regret the money I spent on that book. After I finished it I discovered that I had lucked out, not only was it the first in of three linked books, but it was the first of all Miss Hawkins’ books.

After The Abduction of Julia, comes A Belated Bride and The Seduction of Sara. Then comes the five books of the Talisman Ring series featuring Sara’s five brothers, in order: An Affair To Remember, Confessions of A Scoundrel, How To Treat A Lady, And The Lady Wore Plaid, The Lady in Red.

This is where the evil genius part comes into it. Either Miss Hawkins is an amazing evil genius and had parts of the Hurst Amulet series in mind when she started the MacLean Curse series, or she’s just extremely clever and amazing, and put those parts together later on.

The first of the MacLean Curse books, How to Abduct A Highland Lord, is about Fiona Maclean and “Black” Jack Kincaid. Each chapter has a little epigraph, supposedly Old Woman Nora of Loch Lomond telling her “three wee granddaughters” about the MacLean’s family curse. The next four books of this series feature Fiona’s brothers as the heroes. (God bless Scotland!) Now remember Old Woman Nora’s three granddaughters? They’re the three Hurst sisters, descendants of the witch who cursed the MacLean family. Two of them are married, and into the MacLean family no less. The two eldest MacLean brothers marry the twin eldest Hurst sisters.

The Hurst Amulet series follows on from the MacLean Curse series. Much Ado About Marriage, a re-written, re-release set in Elizabethian times, gives a cursory look at the events that caused the MacLean Curse to come into existence (don’t break a witch’s heart and steal her amulet kids) and prequel to the Hurst Amulet series. Fia MacLean, the heroine marries Thomas Wentworth. Fia also achieves her dream of becoming a playwright, Fia also has a large dog, a horse and a rabbit – which poor Thomas has to drag across Scotland.

Now Michael Hurst goes looking for the Hurst Amulet (the one that a MacLean stole to get their family cursed) only her gets stuck as a “guest” in Egypt, until a box can be returned. Only he’s already sent said box to England for examination.

Mary Hurst the third Hurst sister gets her story in One Night in Scotland with the delicious, tormented Angus Hay, earl of Erroll. Angus is a friend, who Robert sent the box to, only a warning about thieves comes a little too soon and he thinks Mary is trying to steal it. Mary then hands the box onto her seafaring brother William.

William Hurst gets his story in a Scandal in Scotland. Marcail Beauchamp (a former flame) drugs William and steals the box. Unfortunately she’s already handed it on when William catches up to her. Marcail is an actress – she mentions that one of Shakespeare’s lesser performed plays is such because a trained dog, horse and rabbit are difficult to find.

Now we come to A Most Dangerous Proffession, Robert Hurst, is tracking down Moira MacAllister, who took the box from Marcail.

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Review: A Most Dangerous Profession

by Karen Hawkins

Rating: 9/10

proffesionRakish Robert Hurst must find the ancient onyx box his brother needs to win his freedom from the sulfi holding him captive. But Robert's not the only one hot on the trail of the ancient box -- so is beautiful and treacherous Moira MacAllister, the woman who - years before - tricked Robert into marriage and then vanished without a trace. Now she's back and desperate to get her hands on both the box and the one man she's always loved, but was forced to leave.

Can she win his trust once again? Can he resist her charms one more time? Only time, and love, will tell!

As detailed previously, this is the third in the Hurst Amulet series.

Robert Hurst is the latest sibling to hunt down the onyx boxes that the Hurst’s believe contain a map of some sort. Robert works for the Home Office, which means that he’s basically a spy.The book opens with Robert telling a banker that he won’t be getting any other London buyers to his auction (he sent all the invitees the same letter). A Mrs MacJames, is the banker’s assistant – the lovely, tricky Moira MacAllister (Hurst) in disguise, looking amongst the collection for another of the boxes. Moira escapes on horseback when Robert is talking to the banker. Yes, they not only have a past but they’re married.